Leanne Edwards

Operations Director

Leanne is responsible for ensuring Youthforce has the best possible business processes and environment to reinforce Youthforce’s reputation as a training provider of choice.

With over 10 years of education experience and a varied background across private, public and third sector Leanne brings a holistic perspective to the organisation.

Leanne is experienced in the management of Apprenticeship delivery from both provider and employer perspectives, having worked for the UK’s largest Training Provider Babcock International and with Southampton Football Club as an employer organisation, to manage Apprenticeships and set up their own training provider. This knowledge provides an understanding and well balanced approach to the needs of learners, employers and the provider.

Leanne’s sector experience is also vast, having ultimately specialised in leadership and management but originating from a hospitality background. Throughout her career this expanded to cover retail, engineering, child care, health and social care, sports and leisure.

Having developed her career through Apprenticeships and work based learning herself, Leanne is passionate about the effectiveness and success of the sector.



What’s it like to work at Youthforce?

“Youthforce is a company that genuinely cares about making a difference. It is responsive to learners, employers and the economy. The culture is passionate, caring, genuine, ethical, there is a good team ethic, and overall, it’s a nice place to work. Everyone has the same end goal in mind and is willing to help each other to get there.

Before Youthforce I worked for 10 years in the education sector. Before that, I worked in hospitality and management, I then moved into training and further education management. I was lucky enough to work for a big training provider that had 22,000 apprentices. I then went on to set up a training provider at Southampton Football Club; I started with no apprentices but there were 68 by the time I left. I then joined Youthforce. My responsibilities are to make the CEO’s vision a reality, looking after staff welfare, and as I like to say: making things happen! I live apprenticeships. It feels less like a job to me, and more like something I am genuinely interested in, I love it and enjoy the responsibility.

Before I started at Youthforce I was looking for a new challenge, I wasn’t expecting to find something that I wanted to jump into straight away. During my Youthforce interview, Charlotte won me over with her passion. The way the company was set up also won me over; it was more about the people and culture.

I come to the office every week to catch up and stay involved. I attend meetings, interviews and meet awarding organisations. Sometimes I am out with clients, tutors or meeting learners. I’m constantly evaluating the business and where we can improve. My ambitions are to achieve the vision set by Youthforce and to continue to expand the team with great people. I want us to keep growing and create new initiatives. Keeping current and innovated with the newest technology is important.”

– Leanne Edwards