Billy Walton

In February of 2016 Billy Walton embarked on his journey to become a Materials Technician with Balfour Beatty. It was not always a smooth journey to get to this stage, but Billy, through determination and dedication has hit the ground running and is now showcasing his talent at the Balfour Beatty site on the M3.

Billy joined us at a recruitment event and came across as shy and nervous despite having an abundance of technical ability. A strong mathematician with a passion for IT and Science, it seemed the role was made for him if only he could master his confidence.

Fast forward 8 months and Billy is flying. He loves the physical aspect of the role and mentions that ‘there is never a dull moment’ which is why he loves the job.

Prior to this Billy was working on the deli counter in Sainsbury’s feeling lost and unsure about his future. Billy took a shot in the dark applying for the role not expecting anything from it. He’s completely turned his life around and now he’s ditched the cold meats for concrete. Despite being unsure about working on a site at first he now can’t imagine life away from one.